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Brainstrust Liason: Frances Milburn

Hi I’m Frances, I live in Sheffield and am thrilled to have recently joined the brainstrust team. Whilst on a on a college trip in New York in 2008 I was rushed to hospital where they soon found a brain tumour. After having fairly successful surgery in New Year then chemo and radiotherapy in England, shortly after I was given the all clear! A year later I was studying Photography at university but while in my final year I felt very isolated from other students my age and nobody really understood the fatigue and headaches. It was then that I came across brainstrust who I met at one of their ‘meet ups’, it was like social gathering, where I had the opportunity to meet other people affected by brain tumours. It was wonderful to hear them experiencing similar side affects, it was as though all of a sudden I wasn’t alone anymore. Since then I am delighted to now be apart of the team to help others along a similar path and bring the brainstrust support service to our area!

The city is home to one of the best hospitals in the UK for brain tumour treatment, but it has one of the largest patient bases in the country and covers a huge geographical area. I am looking forward to working with the community to develop our robust support service so that it helps brain tumour patients and carers in Sheffield and South Yorkshire overcome these challenges. 

We want every brain tumour patient in the area to be confident that they are on top of things and working towards the best possible outcome for their situation.Most importantly, my role as a community fundraiser, I have the pleasure of working together with the local community including businesses and volunteers to create various events to raise awareness of the charity, side effects of brain tumours and funds to keep our wonderful resources going.

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