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About us

Sheffield NeuroSoc was created for those with an interest in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Academic Neuroscience. This year we have intergrated to become a Sheffield Union Society.  We provide career development lectures, interest lectures and revision sessions for our members, including those of affiliated societies such as Medsoc, Psychos, MBBSoc, BMSSoc and BioSoc. We are also in talks with several large organisations regarding career development information for PhD, masters and undergraduate students through our Careers in Neuroscience Service (CNS.) We are also affiliated with several large Neurology interest groupss, including NANSIG, the SBNS and BNA, to increase society exposure to the ever changing world of neuroscience.

We also help out in charity events (including Wear Grey for a Day and at the Lincoln 10K for Brainstrust), and have formed a new Fundraising/Volunteer group call the 'Brain-Bank', which provides help for events through the RAG and Sheffield Volunteer Society schemes (affiliated with the Sheffield Graduate award.) Future projects (as of 2014) include working in groups with Brain tumour patients as well as those with neurodisabilities, providing placements for both medical students and associated society undergraduates alike.  As part of our commitment to our members we also provide an online revision resource, and for medical students or those wishing to do Neuro based placements, an online elective/SSC diary. 

Aims and Objectives


1) Provide interest talks suitable for all members* (achieved last year)

2) Provide career development talks suitable for all members *(achieved last year)

3) Provide links to academic organisations * (achieved last year)

4) Online resource database *(currently online)

5) Provide teaching/revision sessions *(achieved last year)

6) Liaise with other academic societies *(achieved last year)

7) Liaise with academic societies *(achieved last year)

8) Provide a website and forum for our members *(online)

9) Create the Careers in Neuroscience Service *(ongoing)

10) Create an online forum for academic discussion (*achieved)

11) Create an area for those wishing to share their own articles online for peer review (*achieved)


1) Work with local grassroots charities (*achieved)

2) Help organise and run events (*achieved)

3) Publicise local charities using our media presence (*achieved)

4) Collect and fundraise for charities are our events (*achieved)

5) Create a volunteer/fundraising bank for our adopted charity (*achieved)

6) Work alongside RAG to ensure SGA co-ordination for Brain-bank members (*achieved)

7) Work alongside the Volunteer Society to increase exposure for our charities (ongoing)

8) Pioneer new student led volunteer projects (projected 2014)


1) Organise joint socials with Medsoc, BioSoc, MBBSoc, BMSSoc and Psychos (ongoing)

2)Organise our own events 

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